Meet Our School Assessors

Dr Maureen Nash

Specialisms: Teaching Assistants, Childcare in Early Years and Primary Education.

“I love supporting the improvement of the achievement and well-being of children through high quality professional development for the school workforce, so I really value working with Lancashire school Apprentices to help them reach their potential. Apprenticeships provide an exciting opportunity to bring new skills into schools and develop the confidence, skills and knowledge of learners. It has been a pleasure to see how my learners have really enjoyed the experience and progressed within their school, to new employment or to higher education – a


Over 20 years teaching in primary schools • Teacher Adviser for Parental Involvement • Teacher Adviser for Workforce Development • Educational Trainer • Qualified Assessor. 


Reading, gardening, but mainly socialising with friends and family.

Glen Fendall

Specialisms: ICT, Business Admin and Social Media.

“I’m passionate about improving life chances for young people and believe I can help those individuals who are aiming to achieve their vocational qualifications across a range of competences. It’s a privilege to be supporting our talented young people undertaking Apprenticeships in Lancashire schools.”


A life-long career in BT where I recently completed the hugely successful Superfast Lancashire business support programme, supporting 800 Lancashire businesses in their transformational and growth aspirations • Project and account manager for a range of new technology and telephony initiatives with North West public sector.


I enjoy a wide variety of land and water based outdoor activities. My voluntary role of County Commissioner for East Lancashire Scouts occupies the majority of my available leisure time where I manage, motivate and inspire 900 adults to make a positive impact in our communities, prepare young people to be active citizens and embrace and contribute to social change.

Jane Beckford

Specialisms: Business Administration, Apprentice recruitment and schools relationship support for Apprenticeship development.

“From a starting point in youth and community development work, my 25 years of senior management experience in local government has been focussed on the creation and implementation of improvements and change projects for council service teams, communities and schools. Initially based in Coventry and then Lancashire, I seek to make a positive difference to the outcomes for children and young people. I actively support young peoples’ aspirations and seek to radically rethink and improve the Apprenticeship experience for all concerned by listening to schools and Apprentices.”


Director of ApprenticeshipsRus • Service Improvement Manager at LCC CYP (the schools portal lady!) • CYP EGov Manager • County Youth & Community Lead for ICT, Accrington, Youth Information Shop • Youth Work Manager, Ribble Valley • YOP/ JTS and D of E youth programmes at Sidney Stringer Community School, Coventry.


My children, family and friends, Governor of a Lancashire high school for 16 years, sailing in warm water (!) and wood turning.

Dr Peter Halstead

Specialisms: Teaching Assistants and Business Administration – Primary, Secondary and Special Education.

“As a qualified Apprentice Assessor, I look forward to continuing to support the development of our Lancashire school based learners, with the aim of providing them with the best possible chance and motivation for their future careers. Having spent 30 years in education, working with and supporting young people’s development, it has been a pleasure and an exciting challenge learning the skills required to support a new set of mainly practical qualifications. It has been rewarding to see Apprentices develop and grow in confidence in their roles.”


30 rewarding years in schools • Deputy Head at CRGS-2008-2013 • DSP CRGS • Head of Modern Foreign Languages, LGGS 96-2008 • current AQA Principle examiner • Chief Exam Officer, German A Level/GCSE.


Running, travel, reading and Burnley FC!

Chris Layton

Specialism: Business Administration & Facilities Management.

“I bring a wealth of experience in business administration; some of it gained as a school business manager, and am adept at transferring knowledge in a learning environment. I set high standards for myself and encourage others to strive to achieve to their maximum potential. I always remain positive and my coaching and mentoring skills are well developed. I am tenacious in meeting my objectives and will ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that my learners meet theirs. From the learner’s perspective, Apprenticeships give learners that may not choose the traditional classroom learning environment the opportunity to excel, the opportunity to earn while they learn in the workplace and in many instances the opportunity to embark upon a long term career with an employer prepared to invest in their future employment.


Over 10 years as a qualified trainer, assessor • School Business Manager in a Bristol high school • Plant Manager • Area Stock Control & Quality Assurance at Initial Textiles.


Shark fishing, paragliding and Russian roulette, no seriously spending time with my 3 boys and family, working on our garden and allotment, a bit of woodturning and GB stamps.

Maureen Rothwell

Specialisms: Business Administration and HR.

“I have a great interest in supporting young people to reach their full potential. I am an enthusiastic role model with excellent coaching skills, which I use to support and develop young people. I have a wide range of business administration skills and knowledge, and utilise these to help Apprentices in the development of their portfolios, work tasks and successful completion of Apprenticeship qualifications. Apprenticeships offer an excellent opportunity for young people to gain valuable practical skills and experience, leading to qualification and improved employability. I relish being a part of this experienced team.”


Thematic lead for LCC workforce development (TFU Project) • HR Manager at LCC 2005-2013 • Senior Personnel Officer at LCC. Family and friends, keeping fit, charity work as secretary@Sir Tom Finney football centre.


Family and friends, keeping fit, charity work as secretary@Sir Tom Finney football centre.

Philip Taylor

Specialisms: Teaching Assistants Primary and Secondary.

“As teacher with 34 years’ experience in schools, I’m hugely enthusiastic and passionate about engaging young people, providing opportunities for them and supporting them to achieve their best in our Lancashire schools. My work with Apprenticeships is an exciting professional challenge - my enthusiasm for educating and supporting young people is as strong as ever.”


Head of Design & Technology at CRGS-2014 • D&T RMT • 100% GCSE pass rate for the last 7 years • work related learning co-ordinator at CRGS/Arkwright • Scholarships Trust Liaison Officer/AQA Team Leader• Moderator and Controlled Assessment Adviser • D of E Co-ordinator and Expedition Leader.


Mountains ... I walk up them; run up them; cycle up them; ski down them; take photographs of them and camp near them!