There is a lot of information to take in on this website so if you just want a free chat, click here and we will come to you. Anyone taking on a 16-24 year old person can join the Apprenticeship program.

Funding may be available to support you doing this:

  • Training for a 16-18 year old it is fully funded.
  • For a 19-23 year old, funding is available
  • For people already in your firm who would benefit from learning new skills who are over 24 there is also loan funding for training available


We will work with you every step of the way, helping you with:

  • Job descriptions
  • Adverts
  • Interviews
  • Form filling
  • Grant application

All of these services are FREE.

Your side of the deal is:

  • Have a genuine job/ vacancy to fill
  • A willingness to take people onto your books for at least 14 months
  • A willingness to pay them a minimum of £3.30 per hour for a 30 hour week, (many firms pay more and some introduce a performance based increase, for when your new recruit works well).

To claim your EXTRA £1500 per new apprentice, let us know if you are:

  • A firm, school or company with less than 50 full time employees.
  • You have not had a government funded apprentice in the last year.

This grant may be claimed for up to 5 new apprentices aged 16-23 per business in the first year. Please note this grant is only available to the first 40,000 UK firms who take it up

so if you snooze you lose!!

BOOK your conversation with us now through the Employers/business link above and we will come out to see you. There is no cost to you to have this chat and you may gain a lot for your company, firm or school from your prompt action now.