As a company, employer or business, do you want:

  • Your staff to be enthusiastic and invigorated?
  • New recruits to learn on the job, mentored by your staff, but also able to gain high quality, externally accredited National qualifications?
  • Your employees not to be taking days out each week to go to college, but would prefer all training delivered on your site, with assessors coming to you?
  • Staff who understand how to behave with colleagues and customers and who really want to work?
  • Staff who have been trained to look at situations and processes, with a view to helping you improve, to make your firm more efficient and effective?
  • High quality training by our experienced team of assessors

The Facts are:

92% of firms who employ apprentices say the whole work force is more productive, and are more motivated and satisfied.

One in five employers are hiring apprentices to help them recruit during this tough economic climate. (These could be your competitors).

83% of employers who recruit apprentices rely on the Apprenticeship training programme to provide the skilled workforce they need to compete.

Working alongside you, we can deliver a wide range of NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3,(examples are listed below).

All NVQ training is on-site and in most cases fully funded. We can also provide commercial and bespoke training to suit specific needs.