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ApprenticeshipsRus are committed to providing a local solution to unemployment and the ‘could do better’ training situation, facing young people and adults in Lancashire. We are working to build a future with a “can do” mind-set generated from within the hearts and minds of our young people, schools and businesses and engage positively with all those who hold the keys to generating success. We invite you to join ApprenticeshipsRus on our unique and exciting journey and challenge you to play your part in creating a better future for our young people. If you are a School or Lancashire business wishing to expand or you are a young person, looking for work in Lancashire click on your page above to see how to get involved. Contact ApprenticeshipsRus to come out to see you at school or business by clicking on one of the links above and filling in a really quick form..

You can also keep up-to-date and follow @Rusapps for live jobs opportunities.

ApprenticeshipsRus Limited Registered company no 8190777.